Michael Mays - Art & Antiques Surveyor

Confidential expertise

Each work of art will be described and valued so that a detailed inventory can be drawn up. Our schedules comply with Capital Tax Office and insurance industry requirements.

Collection management advice

We are pleased to assist with specific research projects relating to the decorative arts. This service has found favour with museum curators and collectors.

Regulation and what it means

For too long the art and antiques market has virtually unregulated but times are changing. Please read my current policy statement.

Michael Mays Art and Antiques Surveyor

About Michael Mays

Michael Mays is a highly qualified valuer, with over 40 years of experience. Michael offers reliable independent guidance concerning antiques and works of art to clients throughout the East Midlands, Suffolk and Norfolk.

As an Arts & Antiques Surveyor, he provides advice on the valuation and collection management of your possessions.

A graduate in History of Art, winning the Luke Hermann Prize and the University Arts Faculty Prize, Michael trained at Christie’s in London and worked for many years as an auctioneer and valuer. He has built a reputation for integrity, discretion, courtesy and professionalism.

As an elected Associate Valuer Member (ASFAV), Michael Mays’ formal valuation work is regulated by the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers.

Over the years solicitors, church commissioners, bank trust departments, insurance brokers, film and television productions companies, architects, charities and monastic orders as well as private collectors, auctioneers, executors and beneficiaries have sought his advice.

Case Studies