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Michael Mays – Services


From a single item to an entire collection written valuations will be prepared promptly and efficiently. Each work of art will be described and valued so that a detailed inventory can be drawn up. Our schedules comply with Capital Tax Office and insurance industry requirements.

When appropriate we consult with museums and other specialists, always ensuring the confidentiality of our client.

Detailed photographic records serve as an aid to the recovery of stolen goods. We can arrange for our photographer to compile a portfolio of images which may, if required, be stored digitally.

Collection management

Research into the decorative arts is born of experience, a breadth of knowledge and an academic mindset. The Case Studies recorded here illustrate the range of projects undertaken – but do bear in mind that most of my work is, by its very nature, discrete.

With our extensive knowledge of the art market we are able to offer advice on where, and how, to acquire individual objects.

Conservation and restoration can enhance the enjoyment and preserve the investment value of works of art. We can call upon a team of specialists who are able to undertake the most sensitive of restoration projects.

Arts professionals

Over the years we have assisted auction houses and other arts professionals by undertaking formal valuation work, helping to prepare catalogues for country house auctions or assisting with background research. However large or small the task you can be assured of our care and discretion.

Anti-money laundering regulation

Auctioneers and all those engaged in the sale of works of art must comply with the recent Anti-money Laundering (AML) regulations. Not all ‘artworks’ are regulated and there is a value threshold of €10,000.

Having participated in art market AML briefings and training events, I am satisfied that the valuation work I am engaged with falls outside the new regulatory framework. I will, however, continue to monitor my own practice, being mindful of the Art Market Participant Compliance Programme.

General data protection regulation

Professional valuation services necessarily involve taking and storing personal data. I will endeavour to comply with the new regulations with regard to safe storage and will seek to follow any industry advice offered by either the GDPR Information Commissioner or professional bodies.